With the rise of the internet, people have gained more understanding of their personal healthcare than ever. We get it. These days, many patients arrive at the doctor’s office with an online diagnosis in hand.

However, without the right tools, self-diagnosis through health-information websites can lead to wildly inaccurate conclusions. These can jeopardize not only your peace of mind, but also, depending on your response, your health.

We created Nubis™ Health to reduce the dangers of self-misdiagnosis. Using the world’s largest clinical knowledge base, we’ve compiled a proprietary system of just under 300,000 codes, representing every aspect of clinical care. You can use nubishealth.com to generate a personalized, tentative diagnosis based on your own, unique symptoms.

Our smart technology can personalize your nubishealth.com experience even further by building an individualized health profile. The best part? It’s free! You need only create a login. Once you’ve made a diagnosis, we’ll even help arrange an appointment with a healthcare provider. That’s peace of mind you can’t get from a search engine query.