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The Realities of Healthcare in the Workplace

As a part of corporate America, with employees who need insurance, you’re acutely aware of how tough things are in the healthcare market. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Deductibles are beginning to put comprehensive healthcare beyond the reach of some consumers andCo-pays are spiraling ever-upwards.

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop operation, a large conglomerate, a university, a government institution,a mid-sized company, or something else, the healthcare woes of your employees put a strain on the health of your business.

When your employees suffer, you suffer—lost productivity, sick pay, lost hours, increasing healthcare-related debt. You know that happy, healthy employees are productive employees, and you want to provide them with the best health coverages possible. However, the realities of modern healthcare can make it difficult and extremely costly to provide your employees with the coverage and security you know they deserve—the coverage and security your company deserves.


Nubis Health: A Preventive Solution for Workplace Healthcare

We founded Nubis Health because we believe there’s a better way. We’ve spent more than eight years and over 75,000 man hours developing a smart system—the Nubis Health Knowledgebase—designed around a philosophy of personal empowerment and medical-error reduction.

Some 250,000 people die each year due to medical error. These errors arise mainly from the rampant inefficiencies of modern healthcare.Given current technology, this figure is simply unacceptable.

And unfortunately, the cost of such inefficiencies extends beyond human life.Besides the cost in pain and suffering to individual patients, medical errors also cost companies billions in lost productivity each year—companies just like yours.

The Nubis Health Knowledgebase is a smart system based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).The Knowledgebase currently consists of roughly 300,000 numerical codes. This number is constantly being added to. The codes act as information packets and are classified into group types:

  • Symptoms
  • Diseases
  • Clinical findings
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Instructions
  • History
  • Events
  • Lab tests
  • Genomic data

We intentionally designed the coded data in our system to be represented as mathematical values. This is important because studies and practical applications have shown that machines are better at analyzing and learning numerical data than textual information.Each code in our Knowledge base is interconnected. The codes link together in block-like clusters that are constructed from evidence-based medicine.


For example, ibuprofen (Advil) is represented in our Knowledge base as a “drug” block. Other components – i.e., “blocks” – related to ibuprofen include:

  • Symptoms it treats (e.g., headache, fever, arthritis);
  • Potential allergic reactions;
  • Potential and typical side effects;
  • Conditions and diseases for which it’s most appropriate;
  • Conditions and diseases for which it should not be taken;
  • Proper dosing;
  • Suitable forms, frequency and administration schedules.

In this example, the “symptoms it treats” block links to the symptom block, “headache.” The “headache” “symptom” block, of course, has numerous possible causes. Each of these causes is represented in the Knowledge base as a separate, coded block. What are the options for treating a headache? Each possibility is represented as a distinct code (one being ibuprofen). In turn, each of these codes links to additional code families, sequences and chains.

So how can our Knowledge base benefit you and your business?

Employee Empowerment over Personal Healthcare

If used as designed, the Nubis Health system can empower your employees to become far-more proactive in their healthcare. For example, an employee who goes to a doctor’s appointment with detailed information about his or her symptoms, and the possible causes and treatments, will be much less likely to fall victim to misdiagnosis and medical error. This could potentially save your company time, lost work hours, and money.

Reduced Medical Error and Unnecessary Treatments

Reduced Medical Error and Unnecessary Treatments

Suppose an employee wakes up in the middle of the night with terrible heartburn and can’t decide whether to visit the ER or wait to schedule a normal doctor’s visit. Now suppose that, before deciding, this employee enters her symptoms into the Nubis Health Knowledge base. The employee ultimately gleans not only a list of possible, non-life-threatening conditions causing the heartburn, but also a list of potential treatments—some of which are in the employee’s medicine cabinet. This employee takes some medicine, lies back down, and sleeps contentedly the rest of the night.

Just like that, the employee has saved herself the inconvenience and deductible cost of a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. And your company has been spared the expense of a costly, unnecessary ER trip being charged against the employee health plan.

Risk Management and Preventative Medicine

As an employer, you can also work with your employees to analyze Nubis Health data about specific conditions. For example, suppose you have an employee who’s at increased risk to develop a certain expensive disease. With that knowledge in hand, you could use our Knowledge base to partner with the employee to manage the risk and take every preventative measure possible. Prevention is key; once the disease hits, it hurts both the employer and the employee, and is far more difficult and expensive to manage.

Your Employees: The Nubis Health Connections

Your Employees: The Nubis Health Connections

All the data our Knowledgebase requires to develop into a diagnosis-and-treatment powerhouse is already contained in those 300,000 diagnostic-and-treatment codes. Your employees provide the linkages between those codes the AI needs to analyze, find patterns, and get better at its job.

And remember, your employees only need to create a free account to access the Knowledge base. The more each employee uses the Nubis Health Knowledge base, the better it gets at spotting patterns in the data and understanding the unique needs of individual patients and of groups of patients. As the user base increases in size,the AI gets better at mixing and matching the various codes across the entire base, enabling it to become sharper or “smarter” in analyzing, diagnosing, and recommending treatments.

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The Nubis Health Knowledge base is not intended as nor should it be used as a replacement for the analysis, treatment, and advice of a duly-licensed healthcare professional. Self-diagnosis should never replace a doctor’s diagnosis or care.